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Even Sidon had to admit, through all of his hard work and dedication and studying, his ability to read and interpret English writing had improved immensely over the past few weeks. He wasn't exactly ready to sit down and enjoy a lengthy novel or anything like that, but signs were easier and little details here and there like looking into the history of the island and the school and noticing that there was a pool in the basement of the dormitory building. He rather enjoyed the waters around the island for swimming, but he had to admit he was a little curious about this pool and decided to spend his afternoon relaxing in it and enjoying it.

Those plans stemmed from his experiences with pools, which were usually quite naturally occurring in nature, under the shadow of a mountain, or like the one underneath the courtyard in Zora's Domain, where swift-lotus grew and hot-footed frogs swam among the lily pads. It did not take long for his assumptions to start to prove wrong, though, as the building remained very much in that bulky architecture of humans, so different from the delicate and graceful work of the Zora. And then there was the smell. By the goddesses, that smell was one of the most foul things Sidon had ever had the displeasure of smelling, and he had been inside the belly of an octorok before! He hadn't even reached the pool yet, and he already had reservations, thinking of just turning back now and heading for the port instead.

But, no, he was already here, might as well check it out, and then be fully, completely, and wholly disappointed by the large, boring, concrete monstrosity that the pool ended up being. And he realized that the awful smell was coming directly from the water itself. He knelt down beside the pool, dipping a hand in, wincing at the acrid aroma as he lifted the water in his palm to his nose for closer inspection.

And nearly tumbled back from the violent reaction of disgust.

"Poison!" he declared in shock. "This water has been poisoned!"

Someone was not a fan of chlorine.

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 Breq had ice cream and tea.

She knew quite a few Radchaai who would complain about the tea; for a start, it came in small paper bags, and was, as far as she could understand, made directly in a cup. She found it amusing to imagine the horror some of her officers would have expressed at the mere thought of it.

It was actually quite bad. Not that she cared.

The ice cream, on the other hand, was good. Not that food generally was important to her, but the bice cream definitely was good. Although it didn't go that well with tea.

She was sitting on the couch in front of the screen that showed entertainments. There were quite a lot to choose from, but she found most of them rather strange. Not that she wasn't unfamiliar with the stories of different cultures. Many of them remained after annexations, even. But still: Creatures drinking blood from you is sexy. The idea of an epidemic turning most of the people into cannibalistic corpses seemed to be a major fear. Spaceships were just machines. Spaceships who were not machines were evil. She actually took a little bit offence to the last one. Then there were the love stories. There was a lot of fixation on gender and marriage. And then there were the really strange ones where people were put somewhere together and then they dropped off one by one. It reminded her of the song about a thousand eggs, and without thinking about it, she began humming that song.

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Summer had made the usual bowl of popcorn that accompanied her when she wanted to be lazy and just chill out in the common room with some television, but it was barely being touched. She had found a marathon of How It's Made and became completely and utterly entranced, forgetting even to blink most of the time as she marveled at the repetitive, seamless motions of the machines on the screen, working together, so efficiently!, to make a variety of useless and dumb things. She didn't care about the things so much as just the sheer majesty of the process itself, the mechanics and the smooth transitions from one machine to another, over and over and over.

It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. It almost moved her to tears. And it certainly did bring a little blush on her face, too, feeling a bit rebellious for sitting there at a school dormitory, watching something

A-hem, indeed.

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The need for parties and the social status assumed to go along with them was probably the easiest part of roboSummer's programming, easily the best lynch pin that connected the two Summer, that would make someone look at her eagerness to host a party and thinking yup, definitely Summer, nothing wrong here! She'd decked the place out with glitter and streamers, started pumping some sweet tunes, and made sure all the food and beverages were readily available and spread out on the table and counters.

And now all she needed was people.

...she really hoped there would be people, but, unlike OG Summer, she would definitely survive if there weren't.

Whoo, party!

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The first week of classes was almost over, so, duh, of course Summer was going to have a party! She spent most of the morning putting together solid pile of glittery, colorful little flyers to slip underneath doors around the dorms to let everyone know. They were all handwritten, but she was really proud of how meticulously spaced out all of the letters were.

You've, like, totally survived the first week of classes,
now let's totally PARTY!!!!
Second Floor Common Room, Friday Night
Pizza, Drinks, Probably Jello!

See Summer Smith, Room 204, for like any questions!

Whoo! Party!

[[ totally, like, open if'n you want to catch her as she spreads the news]]
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Yesterday had been extremely trying and that was before Paris had moved into a room with the...shark guy.

And to think until this weekend, she'd thought the weirdest person she'd ever met had been Brad Langford--a kid so weak he'd transferred from Chilton to escape her.

But Paris was nothing if not adaptable she lied to herself! So here she was, in front of the television, yelling at the Sunday morning political talk shows, just like this was any other Sunday and not a weekend where she'd seen multiple people with green skin.

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Summer had finished up another beautiful shark jello mold for tomorrow and put it in the fridge to set before she garnished it up, leaving her with a bit of time to kill. She didn't exactly want to go back to her room, really...Everything was pretty much back to normal, but there were aspects of the shark attack that just...lingered...

Besides, she wanted to give her newly enhanced phone a good run-through, and she could show it off better here in the common room. So, jello in the fridge, popcorn in a bowl, and she set the phone to its hover feature and got settled on the couch as it started her first hologram projection of a movie. She decided to go with one of the Two Brothers films, which she wasn't a huge fan of, but all those explosions and car chases and giant cats and tornados and the Mexican armada and grandmas would look great on her new fancy-ass holo-screen thing-a-majig.

Actually, she had to admit, she was starting to dig the dumb violence in these movies more these days.

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It turned out that parachuting from a building that was, at best, seven stories tall... would not actually work. But that did not mean that Jason was in any way ready to give up on this stupid and possibly dangerous idea. Please. It just meant that he and Peridot had spent some time dragging a number of mattresses they'd found in storage somewhere out onto the lawn beside the Principal's Tower to serve as a makeshift landing pad.

"Okay," Jason said, jumping from the dorm roof on to the Principal's Tower, and then shimmying over to the edge. "Ready?"

[ooc: for that Gem mentioned in the post! and also any passers-by or people who might otherwise question these two's choices, after said Gem has pinged in!]
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Look, while Eric's experiences in Fandom had managed to largely rid him of the fainting-goat response to danger, he still wasn't the type to go seek it out willingly. So yes, he'd spent most of the weekend inside.

The moment the power came back on, though, that's when he could do what he did best: bake.

And so it was that Sunday evening, in a span of time that bordered on 'improbably short', he managed to fill his common room with an assortment of freshly-baked goods in celebration.

[ooc: come in and partake of baked goods that were created without the monetary assistance of a god of mischief!]
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You know, when Summer and Tip had talked about a party to weather through the storm, things hadn't yet been a full blown hurricane. That eventual hurricane had not yet picked up sharks. There hadn't been any sharks crashing into things, there'd only been a little rain, and there definitely hadn't been any ideas being thrown around about cooling down a hurricane to stop it and that freezing sharks was totally a thing.

The fact that all of that had happened by the time Saturday night rolled around only made it more evident to Summer that this was needed and it was needed bad. Because Summer now understood a little bit better that parties could be used for more than just trying to be popular; they could be used to try to forget that there was a freaking SHARKICANE going on outside. But she wasn't low-key panicking deep inside, no, shut up, whatever.

Mood lighting in the form of candles and lanterns and flashlights. Food in the form of leftover pizza and ice cream that they obviously had to eat because it would all go bad with the power out. Music from Summer's phone put into a cup to amplify it throughout the room, Summer's phone which was going to survive on the steady stream of back-up portable chargers she had bought and was going to try to return once this was all over. So now they just needed people, and she hoped they would come, because people felt safe.

[[and I think I might have some OCD lying around here up and ready to go. Open and up early for all your party needs]]
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Tip wasn't very experienced with throwing parties, but Summer swore that fliers were the Thing To Do. So after handwavily running around town picking up supplies, Tip whipped up some signage.

Weather got you nervous?
Full up on adrenaline with nowhere to put it?
Come to Summer and Tip's
Shelter from the Storm Party!

Get ready to bunk down for the duration
and eat everything from the fridge/freezer that might go bad
(we've made sure they're well-stocked with ice cream and pizza!)

First floor rec room,
Saturday til the storm breaks

Tip had helpfully drawn ominous storm clouds and lightning bolts all along the top margin, with an umbrella sheltering the text from the slanting rain-lines that came down from the clouds all along the sides. The bottom margin was filled with water wave lines, naturally.

It was all very dynamic. She was quite proud.

[open, if anyone wants to catch Tip along the way!]
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Since FH has existed for a Very Long time, some of our communities have a Very Long list of tags -- enough to bump up against Dreamwidth's tag limits for free comms. [community profile] fandomhighdorms is one of them.

This list is our best solution for that issue short of always maintaining a paid account: we've gone through the tags for dropped characters only and deleted all of them that were only used 5 times or less. (Should we near the tag limit again, we may increase that number, but it seems unlikely to happen given the original buildup took ten years.)

Don't worry, though! You can still find all the posts from those characters without having to hunt them down on your own. We've replaced those tags with a chronological list of URLs for each post in which the character was tagged.

So if you don't see a character tag on the Tags Page, check here! (Or if you just prefer to read the scrolly version of posts, the old-style tags are still intact on LJ.) If you don't see it on any of the lists, then either they didn't appear in any posts in Dorms, or they did, but weren't tagged.

Discontinued Character Tags for Fandomhighdorms Within )
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Feeling a little restless that evening, Summer moseyed on down to the common room to make some popcorn and flip through some TV channels, looking for something good. Really, she'd realized that sitting in front of the TV was sometimes where she felt most at home, and, man, wasn't that sad? But it was true, and it was a good way to unwind a bit when she didn't really have anything better to do.

Not much on TV on a Friday night, although she did get sucked into one of movies where some lady gets blown up to a gigantic size because of radiation or aliens or something. She couldn't explain exactly why it sucked her in so much. The premise was completely ridiculous, but she was just so weirdly fascinated by it. Didn't make sense, and yet there she was.

Giant women. So dumb.

[[and it's open, of course!]]
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Perhaps Summer had been going about this wrong the whole time. She had taken herself to the park all day yesterday without a single sign of a Giant Head or someone to battle Mortys with, but then she considered the building in which she had woken up yesterday and returned to last night (for lack of anywhere else to go to sleep). Wouldn't it make more sense that the dormitory might house other trainers from other places, rather than the town itself? She felt foolish for not having thought of it until she dragged herself back into that unfamiliar room filled with all the flowers, but today was a new day. A Headless day still, which was making her feel mildly depressed, but she was not about to give up now. One did not reach the high levels of Headism by giving up.

So Summer (and her three Mortys) were out on the deck now, the Mortys lounging on the chairs with the occasional groan or gurgle about how booooooored they were, while Summer tried her best to push their complaint to the back of her mind as she prayed.

"O Great Heavenly Heads, I thank you for this challenge and may you grant me the strength to overcome its difficulty and rise in your glory as you see fit. I shall not claim to understand the great workings of your cranial capacities, but I put my faith in seeing the light soon. O Great Heads, O Skyward Skulls, if this is punishment, understand that my sorrow is deep and my will eager to rectify whatever offense I have caused you that brings me to this Headforsaken place. Perhaps one day you will see me worthy again."

[[and open for all your deck related needs!]]
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It was far too nice a day to remain inside, so Hyacinthe snagged a book and headed out to the deck, where he could enjoy sunlight and his novel both. He knew he had things to do--there was a half-written letter to his mother he needed to complete, as well as letters to Delaunay and Phedre to post, but those could wait another few hours while he finished the book he'd borrowed from the library and the skin of wine he'd brought with him.

A lazy day, to be sure, but 'twas break week, was it not? What better time to be lazy then?

...Not that he ever truly needed the excuse.

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Ringo had been sort of neglecting some of the more significant maintenance of her ATs for a while now. She'd been doing the basics, but she hadn't broken everything down for a real evaluation and cleaning. It wasn't like she hated that sort of work. In fact, she rather enjoyed the mechanical work involved in AirTrek, but she didn't enjoy it as much as actually riding. Still, you could only put that sort of thing off for so long.

So Ringo had pushed a bunch of furniture out of the way and spread out a clean sheet on the floor to catch any little pieces she dropped. It was a pain when those things rolled into some impossible-to-find corner, after all.

And now she sat cross-legged in the middle of a jumble that was actually more organized than it appeared. Completed jobs to her left, ATs that needed work on her right, and a spread of tools and parts arrayed in front of her. She was holding a small circuit board up near her face and carefully tapping at it with a soldering iron, cleaning up a connection that had shorted out when the system it was attached to had overheated.

[ooc: Open, of course.]
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What a weird seven weeks it had been. It didn't seem long ago at all that Summer was basically forced to come here against her will, and yet it seemed forever ago, too. When she arrived, she was a live spark focused only on super jail breaks, and now, she had a few leads, but she'd mellowed out a lot. Too mellow? Who even knew? It was probably impossible, anyway, but, damn, she still wanted to try.

Tomorroe, she'd be heading back home, apparently to take some bogus test to see if she was "suitable for readmission into society," so, yeah, she was sure she'd be right back real quick. But she wanted to go back, too, do all the snooping she couldn't get Morty to do for her, maybe hit a breakthrough, some new information that would change everythinh.

And maybe she even missed her family. A little. Whatever.

Either way, it was too much thinking for Summer right now. So she went outside where she could get some fresh air and some sun, hiding behind a pair of sunglasses and texting out some plans with her friends while she was home. Or she could just be sleeping. It was hard to tell.

[[open deck I'd open!]]
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Given her carnie upbringing and her 'condition,' Ada Miller went through more body glitter in a week than most people used in their lifetime. And Ada had an Adventure coming up, so of course that meant replenishing her supplies.

In this particular case, it meant she was hard at work in the little common room kitchen, baking sheets spread out all over the counters as she rotated things in-and-out of the little oven, pans shimmering with different crystal colors as she baked up her latest batches of water-solulable (and very delicious!) glitter. Yes, the commercial stuff was probably easier to use, but Ada's creations were more fun.

Mix, bake, crush, mix, fill the mason jars and seal. Repeat. Hopefully no one else wanted this oven today, because she was going to be awhile.

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After pulling out a gun in class, flirting with Peridot in a library that turned into a taco-filled spaceship, and utterly failing to get coffee, Summer really should have just marched right into her room, closed the door, and refused to come out until her reactions to things started making sense. But nooooooooooo. She had to go into the common room for a snack or something, because random popcorn and tacos all day just wasn't enough. And the weird thing was, the moment she got there, she forgot about the snacks entirely, and just seemed to be really, really mad at the refrigerator for no apparent reason.

It was just a dumb refrigerator. Stupid. Just sitting there, thinking he was so cool.

Ugh, the worst refrigerator in the entire world, right here, being glared at by Summer, who apparently had nothing better to do than hate a fridge.

[[this is only the best event in the entire world and I still have about an hour before I can go home, so open, so totally open, show me what you got]]
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Realizing that most of her Fandom experience so far seemed to revolve around food, Summer came to a startling realization. All this eating and no extracurricular sports meant she would soon be facing her own Battle of the Bulge.

Thankfully, that was easily remedied. She found herself a soccer ball and headed oitside, setting to kicking the ball up and down the lawn after a few reps of sut-ups, push-ups, jumping Jacks and stetching. She wasn't great, but she wasn't bad, either, and she had one hell of a kick. She even managed to hit the tree she'd marked as a goal more often than not. Usually with resounding self-fanfare.

"She shoots, she scores! She's done it again, ladies and gents, Summer Smith, bringiNg home another World Cup for the US of A. The crowd is going wild! Whooooo! Yeaaah! Can't wait to see that face on the Wheaties box!"

A good hour of that, and she'd have lost the months worth of piggiNg out in sweat alone.

[[ open, of coirse! ]]
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It was so quiet, Summer half wondered if everyone had died or something. It was quieter here back home, where they had a government sanctioned curfew. And, in Summer's book, that was no bueno. And she wasn't the type to just sit there and complain about it; she was going to do something. And that something meant going to the common room and making some goddamn tacos.

Why? 1) Tacos were delicious. 2) They were easily shareable. and 3) She was really good at making tacos, yo.

She set her phone to play some music loud enough to get people's attention, and then she set to work. Tacos were best with mini dance and singing breaks, too, you know.

[[ open! come have some tacos! ]]

The Deck, Weds. Afternoon

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 12:27 pm
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It was warm out, it was only partly-cloudy at times, and best of all, it wasn't fucking raining. For once.

Spring on the East Coast was almost as miserable as winter for Ada, just in a different way.

So Ada had dragged some pillows and a picnic blanket out on to the deck, and was stretched out in a patch of sunshine to try and soak up as much of the warmth as she could with a generic smutty novel for entertainment.

She'd dart back inside if it started raining, but for now, Ada was going to enjoy being outside, and not locked in by walls of stone.

[So open!]

The Garden, Sunday

Sunday, May 28th, 2017 08:35 pm
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The paint rain from Friday had come off of most of the plants, but the buds on the Pillow Tree were now all different colours. Shiemi was amused. That was going to make for an interesting harvest!


Had harvesting non-painted pillows become a normal idea for her?

A few moments to check the buds for damage or other obvious trauma and then Shiemi wandered into the garden shed to fetch her tools. She had weeding to do in the vegetables section. The lettuce was looking almost ready to pick and the radishes were coming up nicely, despite everything the island seemed to be throwing at the poor things. The herbs section, though... The mugwort definitely needed to be harvested and thinned. As did the tarragon and a few other herbs.

"At least the flowers are all okay." Flowers, she mused, always seemed to be okay.

[Garden is open! Though Shiemi may put you to work if she finds you!]
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Summer's brain was filled with all sorts of plans and ideas and plots, she was crashing from a few Red Bulls, and she had made some pretty decent progress on her eventual attempt to break her grampa out of prison. So now she just needed to chill out for a bit, tune out of everything going on in this world and others, and just be mindless for a bit. She made some popcorn, put in in a big bowl, and flopped on the couch while reaching for the remotes, wondering what kind of weird TV they might get in weird different dimension Earth.

Most of it was surprisingly, disappointingly similar to regular dimension TV, but every so often, something more along the lines of the interdimensional cable Grampa Rick had hooked up, which was way more interesting.

And then...

"Ooooooh, Ball Fondlers. Niiiice."

Because who the heck didn't love a show of mindless action, with a lizard man, an Amazonian, a black man with pigtails, and....whatever Benjamin was, kicking ass, taking names, fighting terrorists and winning wars? No one she'd want to be friends with, that's who.

[[ open common room is open! Ball Fondlers is pretty much the A-Team on crack and super high octane. ]]
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Summer tried to be cool about this whole throwing her first party at Fandom High thing, because it was just a party, it had to be cool, and people could totally smell your desperation. It helped to remind herself that this was a much smaller school, and, as...interesting as her fellow students here were, there was no way it could get as weird as that time she and her grandpa threw a party together and all his weird space friends showed up. She did have a small panic attack over the thought that maybe no one would show up, but it was a party! How could they not? And if they didn't, that was fine, that just meant more pizza for her.

It would be a lot of pizza, though, as she traded in all of her pills from home for funds to buy a lot of pizza and chips and (sigh) pop. She hooked up her phone to pump out some tunes, which meant really hoping someone would pull through with some booze because it was scientifically proven that holding red Solo cups with beer diminished texting cravings, if only because it was increasingly difficult to do both.

So, there was food. There was music. There were beverages which were probably more appropriate for a boarding school dormitory setting, anyway. Now all Summer needed was people.

[[ flying OCD-free, free for all style! Everyone got an invite! Up stupid early for max playability and my weird ass schedule. ]]
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When you got right down to it, there were only three things in this world that mattered to Summer Smith: peace among worlds, getting her grandpa out of jail, and being popular at school, whatever school that may be, be it Harry Herpson or Fandom High. And, in her seventeen year old mind, the best way to be popular was through the age-old ritual of parties. And since she hadn't heard anything about any parties yet, she took it upon herself to have one. It was pretty spur of the moment, so she was kind of unprepared, but she was determined to make something work. And she had to get word out, too, so that's why she went around the dorms, slipping hand-made invitations made of construction paper and glitter underneath everyone's doors.

You survived the first week of classes and workshops
So now it's time to celebrate with a PARTY.
Saturday night in the second floor common room.

Contact Summer Smith, room 204, for any questions

And, in very small writing at the bottom, because Summer hadn't figured out how to score any booze yet:


She had really wanted it on the roof, but all the weather called for rain, so she figured it would be better to be safe than sorry and soaked.

[[ and it's open, of course ]]
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It really had only been weeks since Jason had found himself with things like friends and a purpose in life. So, yeah, he'd been pretty resentful of the fact that he was suddenly being shipped off to the other side of the country. Had been prepared to hate it here, in fact.

And what he was finding was... it really wasn't so bad. Actually, he was kind of enjoying himself. He was also enjoying the free pizza that had arrived in the common room shortly after he had wandered in and started flipping through channels. He'd tried to explain to the delivery guy that it wasn't his, but the guy had just shrugged and left all the pizza there. "This kinda thing happens a lot," was all he'd said. "Don't worry about it. It's in the budget."

So he had free pizza and a movie called Pirates: A Fight Dance Story. He wasn't really sure if there was a plot beyond the amazingly choreographed fight/dance numbers, but it was oddly entertaining in its own way.

[ooc: open, if you'd like!]
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A whole gaggle of kids had descended on Dante over the past day. Outside of not-really-serious gripes about how annoying they were, he was fine with it. More than fine, actually. When Janie had shown up too and started egging him on about the guitar sitting in the room, he'd known exactly what he was supposed to do. For a change.

A quick trip by Groovy Tunes later - he didn't think Starsmore was gonna ding him for this, he'd picked up a more kid-appropriate acoustic guitar and he'd gone through his limited repertoire in search of something kid-friendly. (It was mostly acoustic Green Day covers, a Fleetwood Mac track he'd tried his hands on, and at Janie's insistence, he'd pulled up some Aerosmith and Blondie tabs on his phone.)

It was sunny, Kate was hanging on a chair watching him play with rapt attention, and Janie was doodling at one of the tables, sometimes looking up to listen or call out suggestions. It was all right.

... and nobody was gonna notice if he swung in some Combichrist riffs or a Nine Inch Nails or Ministry bridge in here and there, as long as he didn't sing.

[[ open! ]]
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If there was one domestic thing Ada was very good at (that wasn't sewing costumes) it was feeding large groups of people quickly and efficiently. She'd done more than her fair share of work in the carnival's kitchen trailer, and this seemed like a good day to brush up on those skills.

Sure, there was cereal for those who preferred that, but Ada was whipping up a mountain of fresh waffles, with toppings ranging from healthy to pure sugar. If waffles weren't your thing, well, make your own omelets or pancakes. Ada was in the mood for waffles.

[OOC: Open!]
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This was all a mistake, Lucille thought. Why on earth had she thought she could change any of these horrible dance events? And now she even had to sell tickets to them.

With these thoughts on her mind, it wasn't strange that Lucille was looking grumpy.
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Tip was manning the prom ticket booth in the lobby. Which for Tip, meant that she was sitting at the table behind a book larger than her head.

She was still reading up on cryptozoology. It turned out, potentially imaginary creatures were fascinating. You know, when they weren't horrifying and racist.

What? She was a freshman. She wasn't supposed to be crazy into prom yet.
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The town was a mess, and Rey had spent her weekend beating monsters with a stick, but there were still responsibilities.

Like prom? Which Rey didn't understand or go to, but whatever.

There was still a glittery sign reading "PROM TICKETS" to tell everyone why she was there, along with the handy .

The Garden, Sunday

Sunday, April 16th, 2017 08:20 pm
[identity profile]
"Shoo! Shoo- Ah! Get out of there!" Shiemi was too busy to notice the mainland had disappeared or even worry about why her phone and computer weren't working. THERE WERE GIANT HORNED RABBITS IN HER GARDEN!

And other things, too. She'd had to save two teal fawn from a drop bear attack earlier. They'd followed her and now THEY were in her garden and eating everything.

Shiemi had been preparing for regular rabbits, honest! It was spring, so of course she had been. There was mesh for fencing and all her borders were cleared of possible hiding places. And for the teal deer and other wildlife, she'd been planning a change in crop locations... But, but... THIS WAS NOT IN HER GARDEN NOTES!

"AH! Not the new trees! No. Ah! Nii-chan, stop him!!"

Though Shiemi really needn't have worried. A tentacle reached out and slapped angrily at the approaching creature long before she or her demon could help.

Shiemi stood blinking a moment (thereby allowing two baby jackalope access to the new lilacs). "Why is there an octopus in the tree?"

sprinklesgoboom: (lalalala)
[personal profile] sprinklesgoboom
Pinkie hadn't noticed anything strange going on today. She sang to herself all the time. Even having all the sounds in the bathroom suddenly coordinate with each other in a syncopated beat hadn't been that weird.

So when she went out to hang out on the deck and found a ukulele, she didn't think twice before she picked it up and started strumming.

"I hear babies cry and I watch them grow,
They'll learn much more than we'll know,
And I think to myself: what a wonderful world!
Some day I'll wish upon a star,
Wake up where the clouds are far
behind me!
Where trouble melts like lemon drops,
High above the chimney tops
That's where
you'll find me!

She paused mid-strum and licked her lips. "Mmmm. Lemon drops!"

[ooc: because Pinkie is a ray of freaking sunshine. Open!]
rebelseekspizza: (dante pb: white emo)
[personal profile] rebelseekspizza
"Going on and on I have the future in my hands..."

It wasn't unusual for Dante to be humming under his breath like this. Especially not from that record; his copy had gotten lost when the Hunter demon wrecked his trailer, and he was mourning it big time.

It was just unusual because he didn't exactly feel like singing. After yesterday, even after spending the night back home and coming back this morning-- he felt a little out of it. Like his brain was running ahead of the rest of him for a change.

But he was humming his way all through the third floor common room. And through rooting through the fridge. And through stealing someone's strawberry cheesecake.


[[ open! ]]
soniaroadsqueen: (crazy apple)
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Crazy Apple had done her usual long AT ride and was currently sitting on the couch of the common room with her feet curled up under her, eyes intently focused on the television. Her hair was still disheveled and windblown from being outside, but she didn't seem to notice.

It would probably surprise absolutely no one that the screen in front of her was video of some sort of AirTrek competition. But there were none of the acrobatic jumps and flips that Ringo usually favored. Instead, the video was clearly shot from inside some poorly lit indoor space. The only thing that was clearly visible was an area in the center that was lit by some sort of only-sort-of-still-working-right industrial lighting that flickered out every so often. And under that light were a pair of men wearing ATs who were beating the crap out of each other.

The sound was off, and the whole video felt oddly slow, probably because Crazy Apple was running it at one-fourth speed so that she could catch some of the more subtle movements despite the mediocre quality of the video. Neither of the two combatants were in her league, but that didn't mean there wasn't stuff she could learn. Like the way the one of the left shifted his weight before retreating. She was willing to bet that quite a few other people had that same sort of tell.

There was a bowl of popcorn sitting next to her on the couch, but she hadn't touched it since she'd sat down. She was far too engrossed for that.

[ooc: Open if you like!]
[identity profile]
Okay, so it had taken Kuzco sliiiightly longer than usual to notice that he wasn't a he today. In his defense, he tried to spend as little time as humanly (llama-ly?) possible contemplating the...boybits of his llama body.

Clad in a fabulous poncho and with eyelashes aquired from wherever the poncho had materialized from, Kuzco lounged around the common room whining out loud about his predictament because he really, really loved to hear himself speak.

Herself speak?

Pronouns were confusing this weekend.
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There was really only so much Ada could practice hitting the little target in her room over and over. Hell, by now she could do it with her eyes closed. Which was going to make a great bit when she was back with the carnival, but wasn't so good in a practical fight.

Things she had discovered in Limbo City: being very, very good with throwing knives wasn't much use if SWAT was involved. Those shits wore body-armor.

...she was still frustrated by that, yes.

Which was why today she was in the salle, contemplating a training dummy with a determined expression and one of the knives Isabela had given her. It was kinda hard to practice the close-up bits with an unmoving target, but at least it was giving her a good idea of where the vitals were with an adult-male-shaped target.

Besides kicking them in the balls. She already had that part down cold.

[OOC: open, yes!]
crimson_sister: (mary poppins)
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Lucille had found a strange little creature in her cupboard this morning, and trying to throw it out it had bit her. She had glared at it, aiming a kick before it slunk out of the room.

That was the reason why Mary Poppins was currently cleaning the 2nd floor common room. Now, wasn't this place a mess? That was easily sorted out however. With singing and enthusiasm Miss Poppins set out on this endeavour, snapping her fingers at every messy pile in the room, making it return to its proper place. At least that was what she thought.

A robin feathering his nest
Has very little time to rest
While gathering his bits of twine and twig...

Now, why not open the window and let the little robin in?

[Open. No, there is no cleaning actually happening by finger snapping, and there is only a draft from the window, no robin.]
rebelseekspizza: (dante - ready)
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Dante didn't go to the salle much. It wasn't his style; he'd known Rebellion all his life, and he didn't see much of a point in practicing.

But now he had a whole bunch of new toys. It wouldn't hurt to test 'em out somewhere without demons, right? Right.

"Not right," Dante muttered, staring, a few minutes later. Red flecks of demonic energy poured off of him, wafting gently into the air. Very little remained of most of the dummies in the room. "Okay. Bad idea."

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. His attention was drawn by a sparkle of red in the air, and he stared up.

Seriously. What the hell was he turning into?

[[ open! ]]
candycrushlove: (Majandra_Delfino_055)
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Maria had her notebook with her to jot down lyric ideas while she was manning the ticket table.

There were fresh flowers and she'd also purchased a few boxes of SweetTart candy hearts to make the table more festive. After all, it was a Valentine's Dance!
intotheout: (romantic)
[personal profile] intotheout
Tip was still in a good mood from yesterday, with slightly wilted flowers tucked into her hair, and more flowers folded out of notebook paper lining the ticket booth. The whole "staring at her phone" all day bit might seem off-putting to her non-millenial fellow students, but she was reading fanfiction, so, hey. Also thematic.

Please pardon the occasional snickering and "whelp, that's not a word" that came from your dance ticket sales lady today.
era_two_triangle: (SHIPPIN)
[personal profile] era_two_triangle
There was a Camp Pining Hearts marathon on the television. Peridot had found out about it mostly by accident, and was now fixated on the television screen for what was probably going on the eleventh episode, now. She'd needed to break for class that morning, true, but that only meant that by the time she returned to the television, she had a rather large collection of hand-toasted marshmallows with her.

A few had even been dipped in chocolate, not because she figured they would be better that way, but because her hand had slipped and some had fallen into the fondue pot. There were some others that had similarly been dipped in cheese, which people were welcome to sample if they so desired. She wouldn't be, naturally. She would just be laying down on the floor in front of the television, a myriad of yellow roses and one white carnation sticking out from her hair here and there, enraptured by the antics of Percy and Pierre.

... And Paulette too, she supposed, even if she was terrible.

[OOC: Snow day, the revenge! Open!]
crimson_sister: (displeased)
[personal profile] crimson_sister
Lucille was selling tickets to the Valentine's dance. There was a sign saying VALENTINE'S DANCE TICKETS HERE, there was red glitter, there was a grumpy looking Lucille.

There wasn't like she could go to the dance with anyone she cared about, the style of dancing was horrible and she still wasn't fond of glitter. Still, she would do her duty and sell tickets.
soniaroadsqueen: (yukata)
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It was almost Valentines Day, and just like last year, that meant Ringo had taken over most of the fifth floor kitchen to make chocolate. Unlike last year, though, Ringo had actually picked up quite a bit of experience in the kitchen.

Not that she'd even attempted to make chocolate in the past year, but she'd gotten a lot more confident about her ability to follow a recipe. She'd also learned to be a little more prepared, and had actually made sure she had a candy thermometer on hand (which had involved figuring out what one was) for today.

She'd also learned that if she had a deadline, she should have a backup plan, so while she was actually going to try to do some kind of complicated stuff later on in the day, she was starting with very simple chocolates, mostly just melting pre-made chocolate into molds and adding some little decorative flourishes. That way if her more ambitious plans later turned out to be a total disaster, she'd still have gifts to give out the next day.

So Ringo was humming, enjoying the rich, sugary aroma of warm chocolate as it filled the common room, and finding herself unable to resist the urge to steal the occasional spoonful of melted chocolate while she worked.

[ooc: Open, of course.]
thatwaslucky: (doing okay)
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This time last year Rey had had no idea what Valentine's Day was, and truth be told she still didn't quite get it, but either way she was the one sitting at the table this year under a sign reading "VALENTINE'S DANCE TICKETS HERE" in a ridiculous amount of red glitter. And with a day to go before the holiday, the sheet for flower sales was still out, too.

So Rey was here for all your sales needs, and also to pick stray red glitter off of everything around her, including herself.
dwarvenswagger: (still intense)
[personal profile] dwarvenswagger
After his interaction with Lucille on the subject of baking and what he deemed a suitable amount of research on the subject, Thorin was baking.

With all the Dwarven intensity needed for the process.

It was gingerbread and the shapes were intricate and perfectly geometric. Because of course they were. He, on the other hand, was a little flour-y and a lot intense as he watched the cookies bake. Like he was on some sort of English baking show.

At some point in his life he might realize how ridiculous this situation was. That point was not right now.

[omg finally a slowish day at work! Open!]
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"What?! It's not even Valentine's day for like another two weeks!"

That sound, up in the fifth floor common room? That was the sound of Xanthippe Voorhees scrolling through her Snapchat and her insta feed and suddenly seeing basically nothing from her friends in New York except, like, cute couple photos and gross PDA videos. A ton of them. Like a flood of them.

What the hell? Was Valentine's Day suddenly in this year?

She was so out of the loop.

And starting to panic about it. Her social media presence was pretty much the only thread she was hanging onto her old life by and if she couldn't get on everyone else's level, she might as well just die right this instant.

"Oh my God."

She needed to plan.

"Wh-- shit."

... Possibly after she'd cleaned up the counter, because she'd kept pouring milk into her bowl of cereal all through being antagonized by snaps, and had only just now realized a fair bit of the milk was no longer strictly speaking in the bowl anymore, but, you know.

[ooc: Open common room is open! Some weekend SP in effect.]
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Rey hadn't even known that the TV could play music on its channels until she found it by accident, and then she couldn't seem to change the channel anymore. She tried replacing the batteries in the remote, and then when that didn't work she tried working on the TV itself. But even when she turned it off the music kept playing.

So there was peppy dance music coming from the common room, and if you knew how to fix it, Rey would appreciate it.

Or you could just have a dance party. That was also valid.

[I'd always err on the side of dance party. Open!]

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