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Ringo Noyamano ([personal profile] soniaroadsqueen) wrote in [community profile] fandomhighdorms2017-06-26 11:31 am

4th Floor Common Room, Early Monday Afternoon

Ringo had been sort of neglecting some of the more significant maintenance of her ATs for a while now. She'd been doing the basics, but she hadn't broken everything down for a real evaluation and cleaning. It wasn't like she hated that sort of work. In fact, she rather enjoyed the mechanical work involved in AirTrek, but she didn't enjoy it as much as actually riding. Still, you could only put that sort of thing off for so long.

So Ringo had pushed a bunch of furniture out of the way and spread out a clean sheet on the floor to catch any little pieces she dropped. It was a pain when those things rolled into some impossible-to-find corner, after all.

And now she sat cross-legged in the middle of a jumble that was actually more organized than it appeared. Completed jobs to her left, ATs that needed work on her right, and a spread of tools and parts arrayed in front of her. She was holding a small circuit board up near her face and carefully tapping at it with a soldering iron, cleaning up a connection that had shorted out when the system it was attached to had overheated.

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