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The Deck, Thursday Afternoon

It was far too nice a day to remain inside, so Hyacinthe snagged a book and headed out to the deck, where he could enjoy sunlight and his novel both. He knew he had things to do--there was a half-written letter to his mother he needed to complete, as well as letters to Delaunay and Phedre to post, but those could wait another few hours while he finished the book he'd borrowed from the library and the skin of wine he'd brought with him.

A lazy day, to be sure, but 'twas break week, was it not? What better time to be lazy then?

...Not that he ever truly needed the excuse.

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There had definitely been no pomp and circumstance on the Gromflomites's part in getting Summer back to Fandom Island, but, hey, at least they hadn't broken her second phone. She came walking by the deck on the way inside, to go up to her room and unpack her suitcase rolling behind her and get to deleting all most of the dick pics on her new borrowed phone (seriously, Ethan, wtf? Did he not know how to delete things ever?), but paused for a moment when she saw a familiar face.

"Oh, hey, Hyacinthe."

Maybe she could sit for a bit before heading up. It was a long walk here from the Portalocity office, after all...
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Uh-oh, sad eyes! The force of which made Summer suddenly feel a little sad, that's how strong they were, and she even felt a little bad that she had potentially inspired them, even if just a moment. And a little thrill that the thought of her leaving would cause such sad eyes. But she waved her hands to, hopefully, clear them away.

"Oh, no," she said. "Just getting back, actually, I had to go home for a couple of day to..take care of some things. But I'm definitely back, for at least the rest of the summer."
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Between everyone flaunting over her being such a Federation rebel back home and this, Summer's ego was definitely having a really good day, indeed. Her shoulders straightened a little, pleased for the praise with that slowly creeping blush starting to settle on her cheeks.

"I would be happy to, uh, tarry</i with you a bit," she said with a little nod. "I've got nothing but time." She leaned back in the deck chair, putting her arms up to rest her behind her head. "It's weirdly nice to be back; I wasn't even gone very long, but, oof, what a trip."
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Summer scrunched up her nose slightly, because she wasn't sure how to really tell that story to the level of interest Hyancinthe seemed to think it would have. "Mmm," she bit her lip a little, "well, it's all sort of a mess back home. If it weren't for the fact that I got to see my friends, it would have been the stupidest, most pointless thing ever. They basically needed me to take this test to see if I was 'suitable for re-entry inot society.' Their society, which, um, no thanks. I'd rather stay here. So I would have thrown the test anyway." She shrugged. "So here I am, back where they seem to think I won't cause any trouble."
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Summer smiled at Hyachinthe faintly. And here she thought she'd told just about anyone with two ears about this, but, well, clearly she had other things on her mind when talking to him.

"They," she said, "are the Galactic Federation, a totally bogus government that took over my planet and put my Grampa in jail. This place is supposed to placate me against trying to rescue him or start a rebellion, make me comfortable with good food, interesting people, and cute boys."

Why, yes, that was a pointed look and a quirked brow in his direction for that last one.

"The testimate was pretty much a fancy lie detector test to see if I was complacent yet, which I'm not, and if I still wanted to help my grampa, which I do. And I guess a bunch of other things to determine if I was a real threat, which I guess they dont, or else I'd probably be in jail, too."

An underestimation she hoped worked to her advane one day soon.
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And there went the blushing again, but at least this time, Summer had the capacity to match it with a small smirk. A small smirk that was chased away a second later when she sadly shook her head.

"Not yet curse you, Dan Harmon!," she said. "I tried to look around a bit while I was home, you know, pick up clues or anything else helpful, but I had to be careful. They still caught me, destroyed my phone and all the stuff I was going to send to Kanan and Miss Hera, since they might be able to help me out. So I'm still kind of in limbo there, but I'm definitely not giving up. I just have to get more...I don't know...creative."
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"I'm trying," Summer nodded, though she suddenly felt like she hadn't been doing enough. "I've got a few folders upstairs. I tried to get what I could this last week, too, but, like I said, it was kind of difficult when they were keeping an eye on me and destroyed most of the data by breaking my phone. Still, I got a few things out to Kanan before they did that, but even that isn't much. Just pictures for him for reference so he knows what I'm up against. I...really need to be careful. One foot out of line, and I could be in big trouble."
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Uh, yeah, Summer was totally going to let him take that hand, and she was going to feel really, really glad for it, too. "Thanks," she said. "It's just...overwhelming sometimes. And then you feel bad if you do try to just escape from it for a little bit, too, you know? But I mean, I'm sure he's fine. He's got to be. He's been through a lot, probably a lot worse, too. He probably doesn't even need my help; he might be working on a plan to break himself out as we speak. Who even knows? He might have already broken out and is just joyriding across the galaxy; that's what my mom seems to think, but I can't believe that. I mean, yeah, sure, he left her when she was little, but, you know? He came back. He might have taken his sweet ass time, but he came back. He'll always come back."

So there was a little doubt in her voice, as if she was trying to convince herself, but she made sure to end it with as firm a note as she could.
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Hugs were good, too. Hugs were definitely very, very good, yes. She even relaxed pretty soon after the initial shock of it because it had gotten her pretty wound up. Not so wound up to not appreciate the benefit of a perfectly timed hug, though.

Or the near gibberish he was talking. "Look down the who'sa-what now?" she asked, lingering a little in the hug.
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And he definitely had Summer's attention, which was a good thing because otherwise she would have been pretty lost. She nodded a little slowly. "See through time," she repeated. "What about space? Would it work through different galaxies, different universes, different dimensions?"

It sounded a little too good to be true, so she was being cautious. She didn't want to get her hopes all amped up over nothing.
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The whole idea was...interesting. Intriguing. Something, maybe just pure skepticism, made her feel reluctant, though, as if it couldn't possibly be that easy. She studied Hyacinthe's face as if she could find the answers to her reservations there, but that was stupid, because she didn't even know the nature of it, not really, and studying Hyacinthe's face was just distracting.

"So, like, you're psychic?" she asked. "How...clear is it? Or is it just...vague and cloudy, because how can you be sure that's the future that's going to happen? How can you be sure that you're looking into my future and not the future of some other Summer from some other dimension? Where I'm from, there are, like, literally, unlimited dimensions and universes. We, like, split time nearly a hundred times once, so if you could look into my future, and none of that has, like, any effect on it, does that mean that there's, like, no such thing as free will? We're all just destined to fall into the same pattern to end up at the same conclusion no matter how much of that other stuff threatened to interfere with it?"

She stopped, pressed her hands down a little in the air, and took a deep breath.

"Or am I just making this waaay too complicated?"
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It just all sounded so...easy. There had to be a catch somewhere , but, hey, who was she to overanalyze? A cute boy was offering to hold her hand to read her future and possibly help her out. Why was she even hesitating?

"Can you do it now?" she asked. "Is there, like, some ceremony? Do you need special tools or something?"

And thrn the question that seemed to crease her brow with the most concern: "It won't hurt you or anything, will it?"

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"Yeah," Summer blinked a little herself, bobbing her head. The reaction to her question hadn't eased her reluctance much, but she had no reason to doubt any of it, right? Right. So she breathed out a little to push away her apprehension. "Sure, let's do it."

And as she held out her hand to him, she added a quiet little, "Thank you."

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