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The Deck, Thursday Afternoon

It was far too nice a day to remain inside, so Hyacinthe snagged a book and headed out to the deck, where he could enjoy sunlight and his novel both. He knew he had things to do--there was a half-written letter to his mother he needed to complete, as well as letters to Delaunay and Phedre to post, but those could wait another few hours while he finished the book he'd borrowed from the library and the skin of wine he'd brought with him.

A lazy day, to be sure, but 'twas break week, was it not? What better time to be lazy then?

...Not that he ever truly needed the excuse.

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Similar to Hyacinthe, Jason had also felt today was far too nice to spend cooped up inside, so he'd spent the morning out swimming in the lake.

Now, though, it was time for some hard-earned relaxation time. And if the deck just happened to be in range of a Pokémon Gym (he thoroughly blamed Billy for getting him sucked back in to this dumb game again, ugh), well. that was just convenient.

"Oh, hey," he said, with a smile as he flopped into a deck chair near Hyacinthe. They'd never really talked, but Jason was sure they'd shared at least one class.
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Jason had never won either; he'd been firmly middle-of-the-pack the whole time. Which was safer, he supposed, than someone noticing something about him they shouldn't, but rankled his competitive nature somewhat.

"That'd be the one," Jason said. "Though as you can see, I am much less prone to getting covered in mud outside of class. Honestly, I'm surprised you recognized me."
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"True enough," Jason admitted. "That part about the island in general, too. Which seems statistically unlikely, and yet... here we all are."
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Meanwhile Angel Grove, despite the name, just got terrifying aliens who liked to show up and try to rip the magical crystal out from the ground beneath the Krispy Kreme. Unfair.

"I'll drink to that," Jason said, grinning back at Hyacinthe. "... Except now I'm disappointed that I don't actually have a drink."
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"Generous and you've figured out that the way to my heart is through my stomach," Jason said. "I like you."
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"Former quarterback with the Angel Grove Tigers, actually," Jason said, in a tone that hopefully got across the fact that he was making a joke. He wasn't sure what a 'Hellene' was, but he was vaguely aware that the Argonauts were a Canadian football team something out of Greek myth.
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"No," Jason laughed. "Although that'd be nice, sometimes, wouldn't it? It's a position in football- a team sport, kind of a big deal at my old school. Not so much here; probably because there are lots of people who've never even heard of the game. Anyway, Tigers is the name of the team."

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From her own deck chair, lounged back with her feet on her suitcase, Summer lifted her chin at Jason, narrowing her eyes.

"You....look familiar," she said. "Do I know you?"

She thought she was funny.
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Being still a relatively recent transplant to Fandom, Jason hadn't yet acclimated to the fact that there could be reasons (replaced by an AU counterpart, magical memory loss, gremlin bite...) beyond 'thought she was funny' for Summer to make a comment like that.

"Maybe. Autumn, right?" he teased back, because he, too, thought he was funny.
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"Hmmm, maybe not, then," said Summer, "I thought you were maybe this guy who came here with me on the bus at the start of the summer, but, no, he would have definitely remembered my name was Spring."

And that filled her dork quotient nicely for the day.

"Seriously, though, how are you? Feels like I haven't seen much of you around. Good to see you've survived the first half of it."

Which was weird to say. How the heck had half the summer here already gone by? And yet there they were.
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"Ehhh, you know," Jason said, making a so-so motion with one hand. "I tried texting you the other day, actually, but my phone just kept giving me an error message."
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There was a slight pause.

"The other day, as in maybe," give her a second, it's been a weird few days, "between Monday and now? Because if it was before Monday, weird. If it was after Monday, well, that's probably because our stupid robot butler smashed my phone that night."

When the revolution happened, Summer will take great pleasure out of disassembling you piece by piece, Conroy.

"I got a new one, though," she added, whipping out something that looked exactly like her old phone because she'd refurbed it already. "Let me get yours down, and I'll text you with the new number."
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"Tuesday afternoon," Jason confirmed. "Robot butlers. More trouble than they're worth, obviously."

Jason was making a mental note to never let Alpha near his phone. Not that he was a robot butler, technically, but he was Zordon's assistant and that amounted to more or less the same thing, in his eyes. He extracted his own phone from his pocket, and then rattled off the number for Summer.

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"Blech," Summer made a face, as she typed in Jason's number at lightning speed and sent him a message comprised entirely of emojis with similar expression, as well as a string of them that could be interpreted as stabbing a robot if you were creative enough. "We don't even need him, he's just there as a government spy, I bet."

She finished and tilted her head up at Jason, though her eyes were slow to follow, lingering on the phone screen a little longer. "What was it about?"
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Jason laughed as he got the emoji message. "Just," he shrugged. "The usual bullshit. Hadn't seen you in a few days," which was significant in a school small enough that everyone basically lived out of each other's pockets, "was wondering what was up."
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"I got to go home," Summer said, "to be re-evaluated, see if I was 'suitable for reentry into society' again. Considering I'm back here, you can probably guess how that went. It wasn't all bad, though, I got to see my friends, so that was nice."
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"Go team juvenile delinquents," Jason said a little sarcastically, holding out a fist for a fistbump. "Glad you got to see your friends, but selfishly I'm also glad they sent you back."
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Summer was definitely taking the fistbump, though she had to ask, "Is this fistbump negated if I'm technically not a delinquent or a juvenile back home? If I was delinquent, I'd probably be sent to jail instead of here, and according to them, I'm 47. But, don't worry, I'm glad they sent me back, too. Home just sucks right now."
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"Well, team 'not suitable for re-entry into society' was a bit clunky," Jason said, and squinted at her. "The hell kind of calendar are they using if you're 47?"

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