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Summer Smith ([personal profile] somethingwithturquoise) wrote in [community profile] fandomhighdorms2017-06-24 03:18 pm

The Deck; Saturday Afternoon [06/24].

What a weird seven weeks it had been. It didn't seem long ago at all that Summer was basically forced to come here against her will, and yet it seemed forever ago, too. When she arrived, she was a live spark focused only on super jail breaks, and now, she had a few leads, but she'd mellowed out a lot. Too mellow? Who even knew? It was probably impossible, anyway, but, damn, she still wanted to try.

Tomorroe, she'd be heading back home, apparently to take some bogus test to see if she was "suitable for readmission into society," so, yeah, she was sure she'd be right back real quick. But she wanted to go back, too, do all the snooping she couldn't get Morty to do for her, maybe hit a breakthrough, some new information that would change everythinh.

And maybe she even missed her family. A little. Whatever.

Either way, it was too much thinking for Summer right now. So she went outside where she could get some fresh air and some sun, hiding behind a pair of sunglasses and texting out some plans with her friends while she was home. Or she could just be sleeping. It was hard to tell.

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